Sell Your WordPress Products, Beautifully

Take your WordPress (premium) themes, plugins or pre-built sites and turn them into click-to-launch websites for your customers.

If You’re Reading This it Means Your Business Benefits From Becoming a Dollie partner...

Here is how it works

If you’re running a WordPress business, you know how important it is to build lasting and ongoing relationships with your customers.

With Dollie you can  provide exceptional value to your customer by offering them a full service digital experience under your own brand and domain. Offer enterprise-grade hosting, maintenance plans, pre-made site designs and any other service through one unified, beautiful Client Dashboard uniquely catered to your business. 

Dollie will change your business and here’s exactly why…

These could be your products...

Dental Website

A website design for Dentists that is bound to bring a smile to your face

Fitness Trainer

A strong, agile and easy to customize design built from the group up for Fitness Instructors


Your cleaning services are presented in the cleanest way possible with this lovely design.


Needs more cars rolling into the shop? This lovely design for your garage helps you get going.

Artist's Homepage

Express yourself online and offline with this clean, east to manage portfolio design.

Life Coaching

This is a lovely clean design for personal coaching

BBQ Restaurant

Get more tables booked in your BBQ restaurant with this modern responsive design.


Create a beautiful restaurant website for your business.

Yoga Instructor

Jumpstart your yoga business with a design that breathes zen.


Improve SEO and promote your business with this easy to manage theme for your plumbing business.

Barber Shop

Get a haircut in style, and allow your clients to easily book online.


Green, spacious and fun to work on, this design has it all!

Car Wash

Attract the right customers for your cash wash by welcoming them in style, with this beautiful design.

Real Estate

List your properties in style with this modern and slick Real Estate design.


Update your web presence with a professional new look for your accounting business.

Organic Store

Looking for the perfect online storefront for your (organic) beauty shop? This is the design to choose.

Custom Printing

A professional and easy to manage theme for your print shop business.

Fashion Travel Blog

Write about your latest travel adventures with this playful fully responsive started site.

Interior Design

A bright modern responsive site for your Interior Design business.

The Petshop

The perfect starting point for your animal clinic, pet shop or animal related cause!


A lovely clean design for your new business website.

The Envato Marketplace & Dollie

Keep selling your premium plugins and themes on ThemeForest and CodeCanyon and offer hosting and additional services under your own domain with Dollie.

Ideal if..

  • You are active on the Envato Marketplace selling WordPress products.
  • You have your own WordPress-based storefront where you provide support, license key management and documentation.
  • Your products are especially suited to be offered fully set up or/and in different variations.
  • You have an existing customer-base that are loyal to your product.
Here is an example..

1. Sell Products on Envato Market

Keep your existing business model for selling your themes and plugins and gain exposure for your business through the Envato Market.

2. offer complimentary Hosting

Once you sell a product and your new customer visits your domain (for support/license key activation) offer them the perfect all-in-one-solution. Your premium product(s) setup and configured with next-gen hosting, support on a beautiful dashboard where they can manage their site.

3. Upsell Your other services

Besides hosting offer premium product or services upgrades like more backups, ability to deploy multiple sites or custom development services. Whatever works for you!

4. Extend Dollie even further.

Use all of your favorite plugins and WP development skills to add new features and create an unique experience for your customer by using any of the 50.000 WordPress plugins. The sky is the limit.

why it works...

Instead of relying on one-time sales from the Envato Market, you’re now able to expand your services and target new and existing customers alike.

You do not have to make any changes to your existing customer dashboard, because Dollie can be set-up on a separate WordPress install and then linked to your existing WP storefront.

This means all your new and existing customers can sign up for your hosting services with the account they created on your WordPress site